Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Oh, How I've Missed You - dear ol'Blog

Oh, my.   

( l   o   n    g          p  a  u  s  e )



From Chaos Comes Happiness.

Just saying those words brings up a lump in the back of my throat. From Chaos . . . . Come Happiness. 


As I pulled out of my driveway this morning, I noticed how absolutely gorgeous the tree in our parkway looked. I paused for a minute and watched as a cool wind caused leaves to drop one after another, and thought to myself, "that tree isn't going to look the same when I come home 6 hours from now. Years ago, I would stop and take a photo of this tree . . . and I would share it on my blog . . . I should do that today." 

So, I did. I stopped the car right there on the street in front of our home, put it in park, and hopped out to take a photo of our tree. And I took another. And another.

Then I called Phil, who was inside working at the kitchen table, and asked him to come and stand under our tree with me. I took a photo of our feet.

I stood there for a few more minutes and took in the beauty of the vivid colors and as more and more leaves dropped on my face, felt the cool breeze of Fall meet my face, and smiled.

Lord, I am so glad I took those few minutes today.

I haven't done that in a   l o n g   time.

Almost as long as the last time I blogged.

March 10, 2016 was my last post on this dear ol'blog. It recounted a recent trip to Puerto Rico that my family and I took in March of that year. The post was called "Thankful & Grateful Moments." I still remember that trip like it was yesterday. And I remember writing that post. March 10, 2016.

Today is November 8, 2017 - a whole 608 days later. 1 year, 7 months, and 29 days.

I had to take a little break from here. I had to take some time to stop. I had to let go of somethings and say hello to others. I started a new different little blog that I stopped just as fast as I started (just wasn't feeling it). And, oh, I opened a business with my sister. (Yeah, that is kinda huge.) It is awesome. It is a dream come true. And I will write more about in the days and months ahead.

But for today, I wanted to stop by and record this moment.

And to say, hello.


I miss writing, and taking these mental snapshots of life. I feel like I don't even know what I did in the past 608 days. (I'm sure I did something.)

If you are here - if you are reading this - if you received an email saying there was a post here and you decided to see if there really was . . . I thank you. I am here.

Life is still full of "Thankful & Grateful Moments." I still find myself surrounded by lots of Chaos - and there is that Happiness thing that I try to never loose sight of. I hope to come back soon and write again. I miss working through life in my words. I have so much to work through (Lord, don't we all?) And I miss my blog friends (I hope there are still a few out there). If you are stopping by - leave me a comment and let me know. Tell me how YOU are. (What have YOU been doing in the past 608 days?)

Thanks for spending some time with me today. I have missed you so.

Peace, dear friends.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thankful & Grateful Moments

I am so very blessed for this life I am living.

For this sometimes stressful, sometimes frustrating, sometimes exhausting, sometimes aggravating, but 100% blessed life.

Because even when the going gets tough . . . and yep, sometimes it does get tough . . . I still know how damn great I've got it.

And this year, I am trying to do it as often as possible - trying to take those moments, the Thankful and Grateful Moments, and soak them up. Because I have many of them.

Tonight, I am sitting at my computer looking through the photo from a recent trip we took to this January to Puerto Rico. I decided to get back to good ol'fashioned scrapbooking and want to start with this vacation, and sitting here looking at these photos - I am feeling my heart swell with gratitude for this trip.

I would love to share a little bit of it with you.

Like, this view . . . right here . . .

Sometimes you see something and you think, "this can't be real" - almost like there is a great big Hollywood movie backdrop someone painted placed right in front of you. This view above - that is one of those places.

Or, catching two sisters share a moment right there . . .


Or, having a Starbucks in the lobby and having a husband who would wake each morning and go to buy you one of these . . . 

Yes, I was spoiled . . . and I know it. 

Watching these three brave souls as they try out zip lining (oh, yes they did!!) was a pretty awesome experience. 

I mean, seriously . . . .

I would never, could never, and will never try it . . . but oh how proud I was of the three of them.

I am grateful for the night when the moon was so bright, it looked like a spotlight was shining down on us all . . .

. . . we sat out there for hours that night - watching the light dance on the water below, and feeling the warm breeze from the ocean go right through us. It was a picture perfect night, and one that I will never forget.

I am grateful for an adventurous boat ride (even if it was a little bumpy) that brought us to a beach . . .

. . . and hours of fun in the sand.

I am grateful for afternoons when it really doesn't matter what your hair looks like, or whether you have cover stick on (or mascara or anything), and when your smile says it all. 

. . . and grateful for my dear husband who loves me as I am . . . 

Oh, how grateful I am for him.

And I am grateful for "strangers" who cross your path (even your online art path) and quickly become the dearest of friends . . . (the wonderful artist Elizabeth Gonzalez). Any time with this lady makes my heart full of joy - and this trip was no exception for that. This was our second trip to Puerto Rico, and my second opportunity to spend time there with Elizabeth, and I just LOVED it. It reminds me of how small this great BIG world really is. 

Finally, I am grateful for the many moments like this . . .

 . . . for watching the beautiful colors in the sky, for seeing the sun go down, for listening to my daughters laugh, for no phones, no ipads, no minecraft or television. For no place to be and no time to be there . . . for the ability to practically stop time, and watch a kite fly way up in the sky one glorious afternoon.

Yes, for this very life . . . I am both Thankful and Grateful.

So very, very much.

Wishing you peace, my friends.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Wide Awake

It's 3:30AM, and I am wide awake.

The hubby is half way through a long business trip. The wind outside is heavy - with the vibration of the siding along the bedroom wall being so strong right now, I become more and more awake with each rattle.

Ella lays next to me, deep asleep. I know it is not a good idea to let her continue to lay with me at night when daddy is out of town, but I have to admit - the company warms my heart. Although, tonight I envy her sleep.

I have been doing better with my sleep in recent weeks . . . my dear friend Peggy gave me an essential oil diffuser at Christmas, with a wonderful sampling of some lovely oils that have helped me find peace each night. I created a little "intention corner" in our bedroom (ok - it's really my night stand with a few little nic-nacs, but i think 'intention corner' sounds fancier, don't you?) I do find myself taking a few minutes each night to enjoy the space - reflect - relax - breath - all those things. It is becoming quite a special place for me.

But tonight, it isn't working.

Work was bothersome today. Well, yesterday really - since it is now 3:30AM. Did I mention it was 3:30am? ;)

I have this need to try and fix things and make everything better for people - and sometimes my "Mary Poppins" desires are not met with as much enthusiasm as I'd like. In all I've grown the past few years - realizing that I cannot be a "people-pleaser" and giving up the control to try and make everyone happy - I still find myself with these moments of when I try to get others to see life through rose colored glasses. But it is not met with such agreement. And then, it takes me over.

And it bothers me.

It's crazy, really. How much I let it affect me.

So, I find myself scrolling through Pinterest this morning . . . finding those words that will help me find peace. Two quotes fly off the screen - they are quite perfect, I think . . .

They're quite great, don't you think?

I am so grateful to the universe who puts things out there to help us, exactly when we need it.

So now, I try to find rest again - remember that the storm will pass, and I must just let it be what it is. Keep focused on me. And move on . . . and remember one of my all time favorite quotes, from Scarlett O'Hara. Because it is oh-so true.

I love that one!!

So, back to sleep I go, friends.

With pleasant thoughts of tomorrow . . . because it IS another day.

Wishing you peace, always.

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