Sunday, August 30, 2009

Me and My Chocalicious Kate

Katie is me. . . in so many ways. She is an old soul - and we relate to each other on a number of different levels (that being said, we also know exactly how to press each others buttons. That's my girl!) So, tonight I am sitting at my computer devouring a new blog that I just discovered - Bakerella. Truly - the most ingenious and awesome baking site I've seen - fantastic photography and really great sweet ideas. (I'm licking my lips just reading the posts. You MUST check it out!)

Anyway, I'm surfing the site going through some of its old blog archives, and I find this one, from April 2009. Let me tell you . . . I am happy. Because, as I've mentioned a few times before, I love Chocolate (I love Chocolate so much, that I believe it deserves to be capitalized. Chocolate. Yeah, that's right. Oh, and Cheese Cake. That's another one that deserves to be capitalized. Check out what Bakerella did with Cheese Cake. It's brilliant! Oh, and this one for Father's Day, I mean, that is really made of cupcakes, brownies and shortbread cookies! It's just too much! I love it!) Ok, I digress, here is where Katie comes into the story. Back to the Chocolate. Because, you see, Katie loves Chocolate, too! (That's my girl!) So, I'm sitting here moving through this particular blog post and Katie, who has managed to maneuver herself right on my lap with eyes glued to the computer monitor, says, "Mom . . . STOP RIGHT HERE!!!!" So, I do.

And we pause,

with our mouths wide open,

and look at the melted chocolate.

Katie says, "Mom. . . let's just look at this. Isn't it beautiful?" Seriously. She honest to goodness said, "Isn't it beautiful?" Really . . . it brings tears to my eyes. (My daughter totally gets me.) I said, "Honey, I think it IS really SO beautiful." Then she said, "Mom, let's just imagine for one minute that the bowl of melted chocolate is right in front of us. Wouldn't you just stick your face right in it?" Which causes more tears to my eyes . . . because, again, my daughter gets me. "Yes, honey. That is exactly what I would do."

And there we sat - daughter on Mommy lap. Mommy on chair. Picture of melted chocolate on screen. And all was well in our house. Thank You Bakerella!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

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