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Thankful & Grateful Moments

I am so very blessed for this life I am living. For this sometimes stressful, sometimes frustrating, sometimes exhausting, sometimes aggravating, but 100% blessed life. Because even when the going gets tough . . . and yep, sometimes it does get tough . . . I still know how damn great I've got it. And this year, I am trying to do it as often as possible - trying to take those moments, the Thankful and Grateful Moments, and soak them up. Because I have many of them. Tonight, I am sitting at my computer looking through the photo from a recent trip we took to this January to Puerto Rico. I decided to get back to good ol'fashioned scrapbooking and want to start with this vacation, and sitting here looking at these photos - I am feeling my heart swell with gratitude for this trip. I would love to share a little bit of it with you. Like, this view . . . right here . . . Sometimes you see something and you think, "this can't be real" - almost like there