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Day 1

As fast as the summer came, it has left us with the beginning of another school year. Day 1. Here we are! And I don't think I've ever met the beginning of the school year with such enthusiasm as I have today. Because they are ready . . . for their next chapter. And I am ready . . . for my next chapter, too. Whatever that may be. Walking to the bus today, Ella stopped and picked up this little piece of crumbled up 'something or another'. She said, " Mom . . . look, it's a heart. You keep it with you all day, so you know that my heart is with you. " Oh, how I love that kid. Both of them, actually, which I realize is a super good thing to say . . . since I am their Mom. But I do. I never in a million years knew being their Mom would feel as good as it does. On good days, or even bad. It is the best feeling in the world. But even with all that love, comes a strong desire to take a break from time to time. And that is what school does for me -

Happy Observations

I like to start my mornings sitting right here at my kitchen table, with a fresh, hot cup of coffee, and our backyard.       My red cardinal whirlie-gig that the girls bought for me.                   Our little blow up pool.                            The garden, and our sunflowers.                                     Sigh. This is my happy place. . . when the house is quiet, and the sunshine is just waking up the world outside. These are also the colors that make me happy. Lately, I can't get enough of them . . . I realized today, these are the colors of our backyard. Most mornings, I sit and watch my neighbor as he makes his way to his garden (which is right on the other side of the fence from ours.) He is a meticulous gardener, with his organization and well maintained garden so unlike our chaotic mess of a place. But it works for us, and his works for him. He is elderly, my neighbor. These days he makes his way to his corner with a cane in hand. But sti

The Answer is BOTH.

Years and years ago (waaaaay back in 2011, if you can believe it), I attended an awesomely inspiring and soul filling weekend in Minnesota called " The Creative Connection Event ". It was the most thrilling experience - "a national conference and market celebrating creative women and entrepreneurs", and it changed my life. Truly. It was there, in St. Paul, Minnesota, where I met my very first blog friend, Kiki. Oh, how I adore her!! (And miss her terribly! Haven't seen her since that weekend - my dear friend, we MUST get ourselves in the same state again!)    It was also there where I got to meet mixed media artist Kelly Rae Roberts, who was my first introduction into the world of mixed media art and this whole movement of creative women. I also took a class with THE Brave Girls  Melody Ross and Kathy Wilkins. At the time, I had no idea how amazing these ladies were - but I quickly learned.  I took a big leap and jumped at the chance to stand