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Corresponding Joy

Joy.  What a great word. A feeling of great pleasure and happiness. To rejoice. Even saying it is fun. “Joy” This morning, while sitting at our kitchen table, I said it a number of times. Sometimes fast. Sometimes slow. JOY. joy. JOYYYY. Yes, it’s a great word. (And yes, I realize that I sound kinda of nuts.) You see, I haven’t been feeling it. I mean, at all. Nothing. And yes, I hear you . . . I know that it is OK not to feel it. I know that we are going through some stuff and we are processing and grieving and working on it and feel what we should feel and everything is normal. I know that I am doing ok. But I have been in such a funk that I have struggled to SMILE some days. And if you know me, you know that smiling is one of my things. But my heart . . . my heart is broken. When I woke this morning, I told myself that I have to try to find something to bring JOY to my soul. Today, dear friends, I am making a conscious decisions to fill myself with joy. With bright