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Sclemmel Schlemazel

Oh, my friends. . . . I'm good. I really, really am. I received two emails, two texts, and three phone calls after my last blog post. Worried, concerned, and just letting me know they were there . . . these simple messages from friends and loved ones once again reminded me that I am not alone. Even when I feel a little blue . . . I am the furthest from alone. And the support I have around me is unending. Thank you. So, I'm feeling better. I'm throwing myself back into this creative life - full force. Preparing for a Holiday Open House I am having at my home on the 30th of this month, and trying to keep focused on my long term goals. What are those long term goals? I desperately do not want to return to a life in an office talking health insurance. I want, so very much , to keep forging ahead in my creative life. And I am going to do whatever I can to do just that. I do have plans, ideas, money making thoughts. So for now, I'm focused on that side of my li

Up and Down, and Up again

Oh, the ups and downs. The blues. The dumps. Whatever it is. I'm fighting them. Big time. It's sort of crazy - the emotional state of my creative soul. Up and down . . . feels like one heck of a roller coaster. Am I an artist? Can I do this? Can I make it? What is "making it"? How long can I keep this up? When will I be able to contribute regularly to our family? Will I ever be able to? Is it time to get back to work? Like . . . the kind real work that I used to do? Oh, I feel like I'm on one heck of a roller coaster these days. Up and down . . . and up again. I remember . . . way back when . . . that I used to come to my blog when I found myself in this state of mind. Write it out. The cheapest and most effective form of therapy for me. So, here I am. Putting it out there. Do with it what you will, Universe. Because, like all that I've said before . . . it's me. And it's real. Yes, I've found myself questioning what I am doing,

Just a Moment . . .

. . . to wish you . . .    Peace in your day. Peace in your mind and body and soul. Peace from all that worries you or keeps you up at night. I'm still here, my friends. I'm busy at work on two craft shows that I will be selling art and goods at this weekend. October was a blur, and November is following right along. I've so many stories to share. One, in particular, about some very interesting "signs" I've received recently. It's a good one . . . this story. But I'll have to do it next time. I just wanted to let you know that right now, this very minute, I am thinking of you. I am taking a deep breath in, and welcoming peace into my life . . . . right now. I wish the same for you. Because even when things are crazy . . . especially when things are crazy . . . I need a moment just like this. To stop. To breath. To regroup. To have peace. Much love, friends. xo