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Stop. Look. Listen.

It's crazy how fast life can move some times. Like a cassette tape set to fast forward, or the commercials I zoom through while watching a program on my DVR. Fast. School ended, and as soon as it was over, summer kicked into full gear. It's been good. But sometimes, you just want it to . . . STOP. Really. I'm there today. Drained emotionally. Dragging physically. I stubbed my toe today. Bad. It's black and blue, and hurts like hell. I can't remember the pain of childbirth (you kind of block it out after time). But today, my toe feels like childbirth pain. Really. And all I am thinking is that maybe this is the way of the Universe to get me to do what I so desire in my soul - to STOP. Breathe. Regroup. I like that. Not that I stubbed my toe. But that I stopped. This very day. Stopping. Looking. Listening to what it is telling me. It's easy to get caught up in life. I do it all the time. Easy to get caught up in the day to day hustle. Easy to