Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Isn't it frustrating to be traveling through life, enjoying the views, feeling happy and optimistic, when . . . . BAM . . . you hit a wall.

While trying to back up and take another route . . . . BAM . . . . there was a wall behind you that you didn't see. Well, that route didn't quite work out as you planned, now did it?

Let's try this way . . . I am sure the view will be much better there . . . . BAM . . . . well, where did that wall come from?

I'm feeling a little bit like that today.

The universe has tilted, and while I am blessed with so many things in my day . . . I'm feeling a little off.




Tired of trying to make everyone happy.

Worried about those I love.

Frustrated that I need to get over all of it, and just give it up to God . . . I have so many blessings. I know that. But...


Another wall.

How do you knock down the walls around you?

Monday, March 28, 2011

This moves me so . . .

You may recall I have written a few posts about my love for American Idol. Last year I commented here, that if I were 20 years younger, I'd be there . . . auditioning . . . signing my heart out . . . selling it . . . giving it my all. But unfortunately, Idol was just a few years too late for my time . . . so I live vicariously through the amazing group of singers who appear on the show week after week. 

Last week, I was speechless after a performance by a young 23 year named Jacob Lusk. Did you catch it? Brilliant, I'm telling you . . . brilliant.

I've been humming, singing, jamming to this song since then. PG bought the version off of iTunes for me, and I spend most time in my car with it blasting. A few days ago, I found myself going down my favorite daily road singing at the top of my voice . . . when I looked up and realized my neighbor was driving in front of me. He was waving . . . at me. I new my "Secret Idol Jamming Session" would be questioned, and as we pulled up in our driveways and got out of our cars, all he said was, "You sure enjoy your music, don't you?"

Lordy, do I ever.

Here is the performance that sent chills through me. 23 years old . . . amazing . . .  a performance like this starts deep in the soul . . . and when Steven Tyler gets up at the end . . . it brought tears to my eyes, I'm telling you . . .
I love when people GET it. He gets it.
So so cool.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


While strolling through the French Market in New Orleans on Saturday, PG and I came upon a woman sitting behind a card table, waiting for someone to sit next to her.

Waiting to read someone their tarot cards.

I've never been one to fall for fortune tellers before, or tarot card readers. But I was in New Orleans, the home of all things voo-doo. I immediately looked at Phil and said, "I want to have my cards read!" So, I sat down . . . and spent the next 20 minutes in the midst of a lovely conversation with Audrey, my tarot card reader.
She was a lovely lady, and I so enjoyed talking with her.

Did she tell me anything life altering? No, not really.

She did say that I worked in the medical field (which is correct), that I have two daughters (also correct), and that I worry often and put a great deal of stress on myself (again . . . correct). She also was very certain that I worked from my home (which I don't do right now, but did do for five years), and when discovering that I no longer work form home, she insisted that I must work very close to home (which, I do.)

I told her that I was interested in a different career path, and she said that she didn't see that in the cards, which she explained might mean that I may pursue something else, but won't be a huge success at it. (Note to self: Must prove those cards wrong.)  She also said that I need to drink more water (um . . . okay . . . has she been to my Weight Watchers meetings, or what?)

As we ended our conversation, she reminded me to take better care of myself . . . take care of my body . . . make more time for myself . . . and I shrugged my shoulders as I said, "I'm trying." 

"No, you're not trying . . . you're DOING," she replied, "don't TRY . . . DO." 

Ever have one of those light-bulb moments? When all of a sudden, something is so clear? Not TRYING . . . DOING.

Brilliant, isn't it?

What are you doing this year? Leave me a comment . . . I'd love to know.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Creative Spirit . . .

I like to design blog headers. I do it for fun. I can spend hours in Adobe Illustrator, as I fiddle around with my computer mouse and keyboard. I draw everything by hand . . . just my mouse and me. It's a bit archaic (as I understand there are cool little tablets and computer pen thingamajigs out there), but I often think, "If it's not broke, why fix it?"  

Inspiration comes at the strangest times for me . . . usually late at night, after the kids (PG included) are all tucked in and gentle snores are heard from the floor above. Then, the creative juices start to flow and before I know it, hours have passed.

I thought I would share some of my recent creative projects with you.
The above image is my very first attempt at a digital scrapbook page. My friends Cindi and Peggy are brilliant at this digital stuff . . . me, not so much. Cindi told me that I needed to sit and watch a tutorial on the whole process, and work a page side by side. She was right (of course she was!!!) So the above page was a product of a 1/2 hour video tutorial and late night of "I can master this!" thinking.

I also have been working on a cool little inspirational book for Katie and Ella. I won't share all of it with you until it is finished, but here is a little peek . . .

The whole purpose of this project is making something to remind my daughters that they can DO ANYTHING and BE ANYTHING that they want to be. The little occupation bodies in the first photo above are ones that I have doodled on illustrator here or there, and I finally found something to do with them! I am LOVING this project, and can't wait to finish it. I'll be sure to post more photos when I am done . . . because I think it's one of my best yet!

But there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to complete all that I want to do. My dear friend, Leslie from {Words of Me} Project, is doing an awesome "31 Days" creative project. I had such high hopes to join in her journey this month . . . but the spirits have guided me in other directions. So, while I am able to find some time in my day to be creative, the spirit doesn't always answer back. And that . . . is a bummer.

Take, for example, my sister. She is waiting for a blog header from me. You may know her . . . she can be found in blogland over at "The Adventures of Mr. CT and Me". I want to create something awesome for her for Spring . . . unfortunately, it's just not working right now. I have sat down at least 10 times, trying to design a fun header for her blog home . . . each time I have stopped working on it because I just didn't "feel" it. This is what I have so far . . .

Aside from the fact that CT (my dearest brother-in-law) needs legs . . . that's not the only problem . . . it needs something else.

But what?


So, while there are days (and nights) when I can sit down and bat out a design . . . sometimes, it takes a little bit longer. Maybe I need to stop and start fresh.

Who knows.

I'm always amazed at how some days the creative spirit is overflowing . . . but other days . . . not so much.

How does your creative spirit work? Have any cool projects going on in your life? How do you inspire yourself to create? Leave me a comment . . . I'd love to know!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Now THIS is COOL!!!

Ooooooo . . . friends . . . . . I have something exciting to show you!! Something that has me approaching my blog with a pep in my step and a smile on my face. A few weeks ago . . . I printed my blog.

Yes, I did.

Ok, let me first start by telling you a couple of things.

1) I was not paid in any way for this post, nor did I receive any compensation (monetary or otherwise) from the company I am about to tell you about.

2) I am a paper girl. Now, let me elaborate on that one just a bit . . .

I love the computer. Really. We are friends. We go way back. I enjoy it. It brings me happiness (most of the time), it inspires me, it has introduced me to hundreds of really cool and amazing people. But, I am really all about the PAPER, my friends.

I need to feel paper. Touch it. I need to turn pages of a book (kindle fan, I am not). I like to read in the comforts of my favorite chair, leaning back with a comfy pillow and the feet up, covered by a soft blanket. That is 'as good as it gets' for me. If I see that any of my dear blog friends have written lengthy posts, I often find myself printing the post out . . . on PAPER, and snuggling up in my favorite reading position – sans computer – to absorb the wise words of all of you. It’s just what I do.

However, when it comes to my writing . . . I'm all computer and key board. The fingers often have a hard time keeping up with the brain (which explains my many typos), but it's me . . . (Embrace the Imperfection, I've been reminded.)

So here we have it . . . I love the computer. And I love paper.

Recently, I’ve had some concern over losing my stories – the words I’ve shared on this very site. I’ve wondered what would happen to “From Chaos Comes Happiness” if Blogger just . . . went away? Where would I be? Where would the stories of these days go? Would Katie and Ella be able to recall them 30 years from now, when they are raising their own families and wondering, “What did Mom feel?” or “Did Mom ever feel stressed?” Wanting to preserve these moments I’ve shared right here has been on my mind.

So, last month I printed a portion of my blog . . . through a lovely little online company called Blog2Print”. You’ve probably seen their advertisemenst on blog design or background sites. I didn’t know what to expect, but because I wanted to make this investment in keeping the stories I'm telling, it became something I had to try out.

After playing around with their site a little, I did it . . . for all of my 2009 posts (PLUS photos and comments from all of you) . . . in one happy little book. "Volume I", with a table of contents and dedication page and all. When it arrived in the mail a short week after I placed the order . . . I WAS BEYOND THRILLED.

Take a look at a few photos of the finished product . . .

My friends, the quality is really top notch. The photos look fantastic and seeing my stories in PRINT just about makes my heart jump for joy. But not only having them in print . . . . it’s so much more than that. It’s knowing that this book will forever be a part of our family, of our history. My children, and their children, and hopefully many more generations to come, will have this detailed look into our lives right now. And that is just so so cool . . .  I just had to share it with you.

Again, I am not affiliated with “Blog2Print” and I received NO compensation whatsoever for this post. I just really like to share things with you that make me happy – and this was a big one. I will be printing 2010 in two separate volumes (gees, I sure had a lot to write in 2010!). The cost for my 2009 book (which included 6 months of blog posts with comments and photos in color, 200 pages) was around $75 dollars (including shipping). And while I was a little hesitant to spend that money in this, I feel it’s worth every cent having these day to day stories right here, in print.

It’s a good thing, for sure!!!! I'll share Volume II and III with you as soon as I print them (in a month or so!)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Return

The words, "You have one sick child," is not what one wants to hear upon their return from a weekend get-away. Well, actually, one never wants to hear that a child is sick. But I especially wasn't looking forward to hearing those words, after an amazing weekend of this . . .
and this . . .
 and this . . .
and this, too . . .
Unfortunately, our Katie came down with some sort of 'bug' on Sunday evening. As soon as our luggage hit our laundry room floor, I heard my Mom say, "one child is sick . . . but the other is just fine." Oh, boy.

So, tomorrow we'll be visiting the doctor. I think a fever bug has hit our home, and poor Katie has been fighting it will all her might all day long. Ella, so far (knock on wood) is doing fine. But I may take her for a check-up, just to make sure. 

Before I head off, here are just a few more pictures of our weekend in New Orleans. We had a fantastic time . . . just me and PG. And there were lots of lessons learned in this historic town of New Orleans . . . like . . .  
 New Orleans is NOT a city to visit when trying to live the "Weight Watchers" way. But I tried to leave food on my plate at each meal, and stayed away from the bread. I am a bit nervous to step on the scale, though. Augh!
A change of scenery always makes my 'end of winter blues' go away!
I am blessed to have my dear friend Cindi in my life, who convinced me to buy this butterfly ring last week when we were out. This ring was a HIT all weekend long and everyone commented on it! Ooooooo, I LOVE MY RING!!!
No matter how many miles may separate us, our girls are ALWAYS on our mind.
And I love this man with all my heart . . . and then even more than that.

Will be back soon with more stories and fun, my friends.

Much love to you all!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our evening . . . and some more thoughts

So, I'm a bad mommy . . . because yesterday I just couldn't handle the leprechaun trap. PG helped me convince the girls that the leprechaun will come to visit the night of St. Patrick's Day. So, I was off the hook last night. But this evening, there was no way to avoid it. I tried to upload a video of the girls telling you all about their traps, but PG is out of town, and this darn flipvideo thingie is not cooperating. (NO, it's not user error . . . ok, maybe it is. . . . ah well.) Anyway, we are hoping for gold coins in the AM. So, keep you fingers crossed.

I'm off on an adventure the next few days . . . will update you on all the fun next week.

And while I go on and have an exciting few days, I can't help but remember the tragedy of Japan. . . . I've stopped and said a silent prayer a thousand times, and tomorrow I am taking part in a day of blog silence to remember the victims of the earthquakes last week. See For Japan with Love for more information.
I often feel like there is little I can do to help when something like this happens . . . but I'm so wrong. There is SO MUCH that I can do. Making a contribution to this organization (even if a small one) is part of what I can do. I wrote a post earlier this week on my caramel macchiato drink. I spend an average of $10-$12 on this beverage every week. A shame, I know. So I am going to take a break from my drink, at least for the next few weeks, and donate the money to For Japan with Love.  It may not be a lot - but it's a start.

Have a great weekend, my friends.

Let's count our blessings, and keep those whose lives have been forever changed close to our hearts.

Where ever you may be, I send you peace.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I curse the day I met the Skinny Caramel Macchiato

It all started so innocently, just four short weeks ago.

It was a regular Scrapbook Cellar gathering at my sister’s home. I was heading there for a day of creative soul filling and an all out sisterhood chat fest.

I was doing the Starbucks run (as I usually do), and asked my fellow creative characters if they would like one as well. And it was Peggy who did it.

“I’ll have a skinny caramel macchiato, please,” she said.

Skinny. Caramel. Macchiato.

Three words that would change my life.

Yes, this is another post about coffee, and I apologize to my faithful blog readers who are not coffee drinkers. (I apologize because really you should be coffee drinkers . . . kidding!) As I look back on my blog, I find that the subject of coffee has been written about once or twice (three times, a lady) before, and perhaps knowing that you have a problem is the first step in recovery, isn’t it?

I have no problems. (Therefore, I must not be addicted, right?)

Ok, back to Peggy.

Because I think Peggy changed my life.

I am not a sweet coffee drinker. Never have been. Never thought I would. But on this particular Saturday morning, something called me towards the dark side. That is, the Caramel Macchiato side of life.

It sounded . . . . good.

So I ordered one for myself. Skinny, you see, because I do have restrain.

SIDE BAR – let’s play the opposite game, shall we? (Katie loves to play that game, when you say something but mean the complete opposite. Let’s do that. It’s fun.)

Ok, so I ordered a Skinny Caramel Macchiato for myself.

And it was awful (remember – opposite game here.) Ok, enough of the opposite game.

The truth is, since I have been doing Weight Watchers, the most sweetness I have in my life is hugs and kisses from my daughters. And while those are incredibly sweet and the best kind of sweet there is, they don’t quite help out with the sweetness I crave at the end of the day. Or at the beginning of the day. Or at all times of the day.

But the Caramel Macchiato . . . NOW we’re talking.

Pure heaven.

In a Starbucks cup.

6 Weight Watchers Point Plus in a grande.

6 points of heaven.

I curse the day I met it.

But, oh, Life is so good.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Inner Flower Diva

My friends, I had a fanTAStic weekend.

I did. I hope you did, too. Because, I really really did.

I don't mean to brag . . . but my spirit was renewed. And I am feeling more like the newer version of the 'old' me, than I have in years. And that really is a good thing.

Friday evening I spent the night with my dear friend Cindi (from 'So, That's Why!') and after a lovely dinner and one glass of wine, we did a little shopping and creative soul filling at some our very favorite places (Lane Bryant and Barnes & Noble.) We laughed and laughed and oooo'd and ahhhh'd all night, and I felt like a part of my life long ago abandoned was returning . . . a part of me that I didn't even know still existed. (Thank you, Cindi!) It really was wonderful!

Saturday was spent in down town Chicago at the St. Patrick's Day parade (will have to update you with photos from that event at another time.) PG's work throws a HUGE St. Patrick's Day event for their clients, and lucky us - Katie, Ella and I are able to join in the fun with PG as we celebrate the day with some dear friends and enjoy a little joy ride on the company float in the actual parade! Such fun!!!

And today, I found my inner diva. Oh, YES I DID! At the "America's Beauty Show" in the city. My friends, you may not know this about me . . . but I am not a "beauty" sort of girl. I mean, I have my favorite hair products, and I do wear make-up and have been known to come home with a funky hair cut (or two) in my lifetimw, but I am usually a very safe attire/hair person, falling victim to comfort more than style during my recent chaotic days. However, I appreciate style. I love fashion. And today, I was in "people watching" heaven! Can you imagine the sights you might find at a beauty trade show? CRAZY FUN, I'm telling you!

Ok, now to my inner diva.

You might recall when I said, not long ago, that I was going to be the crazy sock lady? (I wrote about it here). Well, you must believe me when I tell you that when I wrote that post, I had every intent on fulfilling that role of the crazy sock lady . . . really, I did. However, I have a whole new CRAZY, discovered this very day at the beauty show. A brand new group to be a part of. My friends . . . . I give you . . .


I'm telling you . . . I lost all focus with what I was doing when I saw them. My eye's went blurring. I heard birds singing. Then the song "Aquarius" started playing in my head and my inner flower child came out. I HAD to have them . . . . in brown . . . . and blue . . . . and pink . . . . and red . . . . . and black . . . . .

(the black flower missed our photo op above, as it was running around in Katie's hair at the time of our picture.) I think I have found my inner flower diva (aka; my inner Carrie Bradshaw). PG and I are heading to New Orleans soon, I think the flowers are PERFECT for NOLA, don't you???

And if the flowers aren't enough, how about these nail polish colors?

Cool, don't you think? Katie specifically requested the GREEN polish, and I was drawn to the BLUE. I think we are going to have one wild and crazy summer this year, if the polish and flowers have anything to do with it!

Because I couldn't get enough of my 'crazy flower in the head look', here is one more self portrait taken just hours ago . . .


Fantastic, don't you think?

What made it even more wonderful was the $2.99 price tag! Seriously . . . what a DEAL!!!

PG is heading back into the city tomorrow for work. I think I may need him to stop by and pick up a yellow, green, white and soft pink piece for me. Don't you think? Maybe even one with a peacock feather flapping in the wind, huh? Ok, maybe not . . . . but . . . . maybe so! I feel energized, and I'm loving it!

Have you done anything to spice up your look lately? Leave me a comment and tell me about it. I'd LOVE to know!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's in your "IN" Box?

A few months ago, I started receiving emails from Oprah. I don't know why, but I imagine it has something to do with creating my dream board on her website, that now has me receiving regular thoughts of "O" (or the thoughts of those associated with her.)

I have to admit, I often breeze over those emails with little notice. But every once in a while, something will just speak to me.

This week, I received one of those . . .


The "Feel Good Challenge"?

Moving toward the life you want.

Hmmmm . . . certainly Oprah, nor Dr. Oz or Dr Rosen are aware that I started Weight Watchers this year. Most of you are probably not aware that I am doing Weight Watchers. But then again, a few of you have been privy to my secret.

And while I've had a successful couple of months on the program . . . I've stalled.

And it kind of bugs me.

This email kind of got me thinking about it again. "Knowing your body gives you the power to change it, maintain it, decorate it and strengthen it." I don't think I know my body. I mean, I know that the scar on my knee came from an awesome dive into home base some 25+ years ago, during a really awesome softball game. I know that the second earring hole in my left ear lobe is still open, while the second hole in my right lobe has long closed up from non-use. I know that turning 40 this year is causing a change to my eyeballs that I hadn't quite expected (and now have to manuever reading materials in a variety of distances from my eyes until things are in focus.) I also know that eating bread is bad for me. But did I really believe that I have the power to change, maintain, decorate and strengthen my body?

Nope. I didn't.

Photo from google image search - original source unknown

verb \ be•lieved be•liev•ing
1 a : to have a firm religious faith
b : to accept something as true, genuine, or real
2: to have a firm conviction as to the goodness, efficacy, or ability of something
3: to hold an opinion : THINK

Remember that word? It was my plan for 2011 . . . to BELIEVE. In me.

Sometimes a little email form Oprah can help me re-focus on all that I hoped for within myself. And I'm so very grateful for this gentle reminder that I have the power.

But, I must B-E-L-I-E-V-E.

How are you doing with your "Word of the Year"? Do you remember what your word is? We talked about it here. And as it is almost mid-March, it seems as good of time as any to re-group. How is your year so far? How is your focus? How is your word? Leave me a message, I'd love to know.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Colors of my World

I've been looking at so many parts of my every day life with a different eye this week, paying special attention to the colors and textures that surround the many moments of my day, and grabbing the camera to catch these moments exactly as they are.

Tonight, I played around in photoshop with a particular picture I took over the weekend. I tried a number of different filters on the photo - from "stained glass" to "fresco" and everything in between. I really have to play around in photoshop some more - what an amazing program.

I decided on "Palette Knife" . . . I love the colors . . . I like how they make me feel. Bright. Cheery. Happy. With a bit of mystery . . . I think that's a perfect description of myself. Oooooo, I sound so 'Bond, James Bond - 007', don't I? Ok, maybe not. But I do love this picture . . .

The world is your kaleidoscope, and the varying combinations of colors,
which at every succeeding moment it presents to you
are the exquisitely adjusted pictures of your ever-moving thoughts. 
 So you will be, what you "will" to be. Let failure find its false content,
In that poor word "environment,"
but spirit scorns it and is free. - James Allen

The world is my kaleidoscope. I love that.

I wonder what your world looks like.

Every time I put away our laundry, my world looks like this . . . 

And Monday night, I stopped right there in my bedroom and looked at all the colors of the clothing in my life. Well, for the record - the martini print pajama bottoms in the top right corner of this picture are mine, and all the rest belongs to either Katie or Ella. I love how colorful little girls clothes are.

And I love this view of my life right now, both the reality of the piles of laundry photo, and the colorful yet mysterious photo up above.

Yes, Life is Good.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Coffee Swirl

I love coffee . . . but I'm sure, if you have visited me before, you already knew that about me.

But no matter how much I love coffee, it usually takes me a while to enjoy a cup of it. Especially in the mornings. And this behavior is something that usually frustrates PG, as he is our resident coffee preparer extraordinaire.

It seems that most mornings start the same way:
  • PG makes the coffee
  • PG asks if I would like a cup
  • I answer, "Yes, please!"
  • PG pours cup of coffee
  • Cup of coffee sits on counter for a few minutes
  • PG reminds me, "Honey, I poured your coffee . . . "
  • I answer, "I know, thank you!"
  • Cup of coffee sits on counter for a few more minutes
  • PG urges, "Honey, your coffee is getting cold. . . "
  • I reply, "I'm coming!"
And with that, I finally pick up my cup of coffee and take my first sip. However, today I grabbed the camera first, which I am really sure aggravated PG a bunch (as the coffee had now been sitting for almost 5 minutes.) But I had to take a picture, because it looked so so pretty . . .

Not only did it make me smile to see New York City . . . but the swirls . . . the lovely lovely tan colored swirls of coffee and cream. A work of art, don't you think? So delicate. So musical. I could stare at a cup of coffee for a long time . . . but I had better not. PG won't be happy with me if I let it sit much longer.

What unusual moments in your day leave you thinking about art?

Leave me a comment - I'd love to know.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Difference in One Little Day

I’m not quite sure how it happened.

One minute, we were planning what our family (the four of us) would be doing for the evening, and 10 minutes later, their bags were packed and they (Katie and Ella) were heading to Grandma’s for a sleep over.

I’m sure my mom is trying to figure out how her evening changed so quickly, too. I am most grateful for whatever powers worked their magic (specifically, Katie and her “Please, grandma? Can we please come for a sleep over?"). Because they were off to a night of fun at Grandma’s, and I was given a “Get out of Crankville FREE” pass.

PG and I found ourselves in the movie theater watching “The Kings Speech” just two hours later. The movie was exceptional. My friend PK emailed me months ago telling me that I must see it. It took me awhile to get there, but I am SO GLAD that I finally did. Have you seen it? Amazing film, isn’t it?

Back to the evening. Actually, back to earlier this week.

I found myself in a challenging time of parenthood this past week, raising two extremely independent, stubborn and oh-so brilliant girls. Did I tell you that my children are brilliant? Oh really, they are. They can do absolutely everything on their own, and know absolutely everything about absolutely everything, or so they continued to remind me.all.week.long. Sometimes being a parent is the most challenging part of my day. I take that back – MOST times being a parent is the most challenging part of my day. This week, a certain whine took over their otherwise sweet vocal chords and I found every single part of every day was met with hesitation, with question and with obstacle from both of my children. After a week like that, I was ready to throw the towel in.

But we had a night off. Grandma offered to help, and PG and I were allowed to enjoy some much needed quiet time in this otherwise chaotic home.

We went to the movies, came home to watch a “Saturday Night Live” episode with our television on with full volume, and had no arguments over bedtime or teeth brushing or anything. It was really a lovely night.

This morning, we slept in until our eyelids opened on their own, and leisurely enjoyed our coffee over delicious omelets PG cooked with red stuff (tomatoes) and green stuff (avocado) and any other things WE wanted in it. At breakfast, PG asked if we received the Sunday paper any longer. I told him that I cancelled it a long time ago. When he shrugged his shoulders, I think we realized how neither of us have had time to even notice that the paper stopped coming the past three months, as this was the first Sunday morning we could have actually read the paper. Ah, well. Maybe we’ll renew our subscription a few years down the road.

As we quietly sat drinking our coffee, we conversed.

“Sorry I’ve been cranky,” PG said.

“It’s ok,” I answered. “I’m sorry I’ve been cranky, too.”

“Kids are exhausting,” he said.

“Yes,” I agreed, “the kids make me so tired.”


“Kids drive me crazy sometimes,” he said.

“Yes,” I agreed, “they certainly do.”


“They really are stubborn, aren’t they?” he asked.

“Yes,” I agreed, “there is nothing you can tell them that they don’t already know.”




“Well,” PG said, “we better pick them up!”

“Yep! You hop in the shower, I’ll clean the dishes!!!” I exclaimed.

And with a skip and a jump, the energy returned into our rested bodies as a mother and father prepared for their two stubborn, independent and incredibly wonderful daughters to return to their lives.

Sometimes a simple little overnight is all the rest a person needs.

Don’t you agree?

Yes, Life is Good.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Catching Up . . . puppet style!

What do you get when you add up a crazy week of doctors appointments, work, and furniture deliveries, with a few day of Internet problems and computer issues?

You get a week of no blogging.

sniff sniff.

Forgive me.

This weekend I am trying desperately to slow it all down. I felt like I was coming down with something yesterday - just my body's way of telling me to get a grip - focus - stop. The good news - all appointments are complete - all furniture has been received - the new computer is even up and running (with all necessary programs installed) and life is GOOD.

So I can return to blogland!!! YIPPIEE!!!

And I have about a million and one friends blogs to catch up on! Please give me a few days (little does the husband know - I'm spending the night in front of the computer!! YIPPIE!!!)

But before I do that . . . this morning the girls asked if we could make a puppet show. I went into full force creative Leanne mode, and with the help of a few straws and some paper, we had quite a show.

The story was a little "Laura Ingalls Wilder meets DIY Network meets the Weather Channel" ("Pa", aka Daddy, aka PG, planted a garden for us and then we all went into town ... in the snow ...) Here is the scene acted out behind our couch.
Doesn't take much to entertain this group.

Hope you are all doing well. I miss you terribly and will be by to visit you very very soon. Peace to you and yours, my dears!
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