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Lessons learned during a visit to the Shedd

In following suit with our visit to the Museum of Science and Industry last month, PG and I decided to take the girls to the Shedd Aquarium on Friday . . . .along with every other parent in Chicago ( Casimir Pulaski Day = no school in Chicago and a great day for millions to visit Chicago Museums - yea!!) Anyway - it was . . . a great . . . adventure, to say the least. Instead of boring you with all of the details, let me just sum it up with my top lessons learned during a visit to the Shedd: A museum in Chicago is not a fun place to loose a child. When you are taking your older child to the bathroom, always look behind you to see if perhaps your younger child is following (even if you think you left her with her father . . . you can never be too sure.) Security guards really DO do their jobs . . . and they have probably seen it all. Ella can handle pretty much anything without any concern at all. Wear water proof mascara . . . you never know when you will be crying hysterically. T

You know that life is pretty great . . .

You know that life is pretty great . . . and this world is full of pretty great people . . . when you go to your mailbox and find a special package waiting there from a blogger friend. Yep, a friend you met online. A person who you have never met in person, and who you would probably walk past on a crowded street without recognizing. Yet it is someone who, because of this thing called the "internet", you've had opportunities to listen to, and have somehow connected with. You know that life is pretty great when you can think about this perfect stranger and wonder, "Gees, if we lived closer, I would ask her to teach me about photography, and I would ask her to show me how she quilts (and perhaps talk her into showing me how she makes those really cool purses) and our kids would totally play together, and I bet our husbands would get along, and maybe I could actually do that "Couch to 5K" training thing with her, and maybe would have coffee every once in a wh

Bye Bye Baby!

So, last week we had a big change in our house. A BIG one. It was finally time to say "Bye Bye!" to Ella's baby room, and "Hello!" to her Big Girl room. WoW . This was a big change. For Ella . . . and for . . . me. Last week, on Wednesday morning, Ella's room looked like this . . . and by 5:00 PM that evening, it looked like this . . . and like this . . . Completely transformed into a brand new space for a little girl to dream in, to grow in, to learn in, to CREATE in, and to LOVE. Ellie's new room is all of that, and more! I knew that it was time to get rid of the baby furniture . . . but I never imagined it would be so hard for me. I mean, I am so completely blessed with the life that I have right now. I am content (SO content) with my daughters. The thought of having a third child sends me directly to sleep, as I don't think I could handle 3AM feedings and all of the other joys that come with babies. But, then again . . . the fact that my

A Letter

Dear Mother Nature, We need to talk. Listen, I have always been a fan of yours. I appreciate the good things that you do and how you walk us through the some beautiful seasons. I appreciate the gorgeous days you give us here and there. But, sister . . . ENOUGH is ENOUGH! I know that sometimes you have a bad day everyonce in a while. Sometimes you get a little angry and send us some doozies. I get all that. I don't mean to come down hard on you . . . but this winter thing has GOT to stop. Yes, I KNOW that I live in Chicago. I KNOW that the winters are hard. But girlfriend, ENOUGH is ENOUGH! Now, maybe you and that little ol'groundhog had a deal - that's all find and good. But you let me know where he is, and I'll go bring him some good ol'groundhog grub (I have no idea what that might be, but I'll research it and I'll find it) and I'll convince him that ENOUGH is ENOUGH! You see . . . I am tired of these darn winter colds that my family and I ke

What a Wonderful Day!

Do you know what I absolutely LOVE about life? I LOVE that in the middle of a chaotic week . . . complete strangers can make you SMILE. Complete strangers can give you faith. Not faith in GOD. . . but,maybe. Maybe complete strangers are Gods way of letting you know that you are not alone. Hmmmm . . all this God talk in one week. . . . hmmmmm. My friend PK would remind me that that was one of my "Ta-Da's" for 2010, so it's ok. I had to run a bunch of errands today and had about 1 hour to do so. In that time frame, and in the three stops I made, I came in contact with three complete strangers who really lifted me up. The first, was at a shoe store near my house. I ran in to pick up some comfy shoes to wear for a baby expo I am working at this weekend. As I was checking out, the sales girl commented on my Coach purse. You know the one? I've written about it before here . Well, the sales girl commented on it, and my first response to her was, "I didn't buy

I'm Giving it Up . . .

Do you ever wish you could do something to help someone, but you know you can't? They have to work it out - figure it out - deal with it - on their own? PG tells me that I empathize so much with others that I let what is happening to them really effect me, and he is completely right. Sometimes I loose sleep over the challenges that someone else might be facing. It gets to me . . . deep inside. But, this week, I'm giving it up. . . to God. When I was young, I learned a little lesson from a dear friend of mine (thanks, Kath!), that when things seem tough and it seems more than you can handle, just Give it Up to God. He'll know what to do with it. It's seems like, since Lent is now upon us, that I may have this all wrong. I mean, isn't this the time that I am supposed to be giving something up FOR God? Not TO God? Something tells me he won't mind, though. I have a feeling he'll understand. I have a couple doozies for him this week, too. Illnesses, argument

Tomato Soup for the Soul

In the midst of my chaotic week, I found solace in something today. I found it . . . in a bowl of . . . Tomato Rose Marina soup. I have problems, don't I? Is it wrong that food can make it all better? I'm sure that is, like, step #1 for Over Eaters Anonymous, "Hi. My name is Leanne, and I am having an unhealthy relationship with Tomato Rose Marina soup." Ah, what the heck . . . let's just enjoy it today and not delve into the psychological meaning behind being in love with a bowl of soup, shall we? There is this tiny little cafe near my work where we will, occasionally, get lunch. By occasionally - I do really mean occasionally. Sometimes it's just once a month. We don't really order lunch out very often . . . but we CALL them regularly (if not daily) . . . to ask what kind of soup they have. Because, my friends, THIS SOUP is worth calling for. Daily. Today I brought a sandwich to work for lunch, and a little pack of hummus and carrots. But all of a

Only in my Dreams

Have you ever had one of those moments when you think to yourself, "Oh, man, what have I gotten myself into?" or "I wish this week was over!", only to realize that it's really just begun? I'm having one of those moments right now. I have over-committed, again. Augh! PG is out of town for most of the next 9 days. I am working extra hours at my grown up job, and in addition I have offered to help out a friend at a Baby Expo booth Saturday and Sunday this coming weekend. I have furniture being delivered for Ella's big girl room this week (which means I need to empty out her "baby" furniture.) I have rooms in this house that are disorganized and screaming for attention. Not to mention my two beautiful daughters who need me. I am feeling complete and total CHAOS. You would think by now I am pretty used to chaos. From Chaos Comes Happiness , right? It's the name of my blog and my life Mantra. But this week, I'm not used to it.

Happy LOVEfest Day!

Well, it's that time to shower love on those who mean the most to you! And I've done alot of that this weekend. It's funny . . . in addition to the usual Valentine this weekend (PG!!), I've been feeling LOVE for some other really wonderful things in our home. Including. . . Our BRAND NEW washer and dryer. They were a necessity and a long time coming! PG and my Valentine gifts to each other! How romantic!!!! But in all seriousness . . . I stood in the laundry room Saturday night in TEARS (I must be hormonal this weekend.) But I stood there looking at these two BEAUTIFUL pieces of equipment and felt so blessed that I was able to buy them. And that they will actually work without sitting on them and without sounding like a dying cow (ok, that might be bad taste - but you seriously should have heard the old washing machine on Friday. It was scary!) Anyway . . . I am feeling the LOVE for these two! In addition to the washer and dryer, I am feeling the LOVE this weekend fo

What is F A M I L Y to you?

My dear friend, Cindi, wrote a wonderful post on her blog yesterday about a special memory she has of time spent with her Grandfather (click here to link to her blog.) The story warmed my heart, and I am so grateful that she shared it ( thanks, Cindi! ) While reading it, I recalled my own childhood memories that soon had me feeling that warm, fuzzy, comforting feeling. My heart was full of love. And it all has to do with - you guessed it - FAMILY. What does FAMILY mean to you? Are they a bunch of people who get in your way? Who stop you from being the person you want to be? Who put you down? Who don't understand you and bring you stress? Or, are they like my family? Like living angels who support you, who pick you up when you are down, and who would drive to the ends of the earth for you (if that is what you needed.) I have to tell you - I don't know if it is because I am getting older or if it is some other divine nature that has me feeling this way, but each day I feel mo

Happy Birthday to PG!!

To the man whole stole my heart so many years ago, and has had it ever since. To the man who still makes me laugh like knowone else. To the man who first hand deals with all my issues, and loves me anyway. To the man who makes my little girls dreams come true, and is raising them to see how a man should treat them like princesses. To the man who believes in me, even when I don't believe in myself. I wish you,my Mr. Wonderful, a very Happy Birthday!I'm so thankful that God sent you to this world so that I could meet you, fall in love, and walk through this life with you. I Love You, Honey!

The Effects of a Chicago Winter

I love finding little surprises in Katie's school folder. I never know what is going to be there. Today's find was a true representation on this particular winter in Chicago (which has been a tough one!) So, today I was met by a lovely little snowman . . . And the inside message really sums it all up - "If a snowman came into my house . . . . . . I would freckout [freak] like Ooooooooo!" SO Funny! Yes, believe it or not, we are definitely in the mood for some warmer, snowman free, weather in this house! Oooooooooo!!


So, I have to tell you about a truly invigorating moment that my husband and I shared today. WE DID IT!!!! Yes, WE did. WE PAID OFF A CREDIT CARD. AND IT IS GONE. FOREVER! ADIOS AMIGOS! SEE YA LATER ALLIGATOR! ASTA MANYANA!!! BUH-BYE! And all that goes with it. Now - Does it really matter that it was for Macy's? Or that it only had a balance of $87.oo left on it? YES, IT DOES. Because, you see, until recently I never really GOT it. I mean, credit cards helped me get some things that I really wanted (notice - I said wanted - not needed . There is a BIG difference there.) And in my desires and WANTS , came a butt load (pardon the language) of bills, interest, and problems. But, we have started. My husband and I have a goal. To be financially healthy. And it is something that we have really been putting alot of energy and focus into recently. This one little credit card was the start of it . . . and now, I believe that WE CAN DO IT!!! YIPPPIEEEEEE!!! So, today I applaud our acc

Top 10 Reasons Why It's TIME!

Well . . . here we go again! Another post on hair coloring. As I was driving home from work tonight, I glanced in my rear view mirror and caught a GLIMMER of silver. AUGH, again. I started thinking of a Top 10 List that I just have to share. So, here we go . . . You Know It's Time to Color your Hair when . . . 10. you are playing with your 3 year old and she says, "Mommy, what is that white stuff on your hair?" 9. you're husband tells you that you have little silver hairs at your temples that make you look nice . . . and mature. ("Mature" is cool for a 15 year old. . . not a 38 year old!) 8. Christmas has been over for almost 2 months, and you can no longer use the excuse "I was standing too close to the tree and some tinsel fell on my head!" 7. you don't have enough mascara to "touch up" your roots. 6. you're standing in line at the Walgreens Pharmacy behind a "Golden Girl" (aka - senior citizen), and you s

My Goodness . . . this is maddening!

Does Blogging ever drive you NUTS? Me? YES . . . tonight, specifically. I have not been a good blogger as of late, and I decided this weekend that I truly missed sharing and writing my little bits of chaos to my dearest blog buddies. I also decided that I wanted to, once again, change up the whole blog look. BAD IDEA! Maybe I'm just too tired to do this right now. Maybe I should have listened to the old "If it's not broke . . . don't fix it" words of wisdom that those far wiser than I have followed. I've spent the past few hours trying to "change it up" and have, instead, been left with some things that aren't working, posts that are printing twice and a bunch of things that aren't making me happy. So . . . what's a girl to do? Well, I think I'm about to listen to the words of dear Scarlett O'Hare, who said "After all . . . tomorrow is another day!" Please hang in there. I'll be back soon, and promise to be ba


Ladies and Gentlemen! Children of all ages! Introducing. . . . GERITOL #2!!!!! AKA : Plastic Canvas Project #2! I was going to call it PCP 2, but I thought better of it! So, now that the second plastic canvas project is complete, I have officially joined the Geritol club. You see, I do clearly recognize that ONE plastic canvas project could be viewed as a "weak point" in ones life, or perhaps a temporary lapse in judgement. However, TWO plastic canvas projects clearly prove the PCC (Plastic Canvas Creater) has truly lost her marbles and joined the ranks of true GERITOL status. It's not all that bad, though. Trust me. I'm sure there are much worse clubs I could join, right? And take a look at them . . . Geritol 1 and 2 . . . I mean, seriously . . . aren't they the cutest pair? And, let me tell you how cute they look on the counter. So sweet. Well. . . let me show you. Because, in addition to finishing Geritol #2 this week, I also revisited that thorn in my sid

A Hope and A Prayer

I was feeling kind of stressed tonight. A little overwhelmed with the chaos that is our home. Feeling suffocated by the kitchen corner (yes . . . it is a mess, again.) And just feeling the need to get away from it all. Then, about 30 minutes into my private pity party, I learned that a friend of mine is going through a bit of a health scare. And all of a sudden, everything turned around. Isn't it amazing how life happens like that. That something happens in a minute that can make you stop and count your blessings. So, if you don't mind . . . I'm throwing a little request out there to all my blogger friends. Please, if you can, keep my friend in your thoughts. She has some challenges ahead of her, and many questions that won't be answered for a few days. But I believe very strongly in the power prayer and positive thinking. I believe that everything, good or bad, happens for a reason. I believe that laughter can heal.And I believe that together, we can be strong. Tha