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Chapter 5: The Reverberation

I've started a new chapter, friends . . . in my Book of Life.  I sat down tonight and thought about it - my book. I haven't thought about it in a long time. We each have our own book, you know? Some are long-drawn-out novels, others are short and sweet novellas. Some are cliff notes with only key moments included, others are multiple volumes in great lengths discussing every single battle in great detail. Some are strictly illustration, others have an extensive collection of footnotes that are longer than the story itself. But my story is mine, and yours is yours.  They started the day we were born, and have grown to carry each moment that makes us who we are.  I love thinking about people in my life, and wondering what their Book of Life looks like. Soft cover or hard? Hand-bound or spiral?  Big or Little? Would there be any photos, or would the words alone paint the images in our minds? I think every single book would be worth reading, and can only imagine what an amazing lib