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Boy, have I been messed up lately. A hot mess, actually. Not the hot mess like I was when I was sick last month. ( Remember ?) No, this is just the normal hot mess me. Does that make sense? So incredibly cranky. Tired. Frustrated. Lonely. Bored. Exhausted. (Is it even possible to be both bored yet exhausted at the same time?) Hot. Short-tempered. Irritated. Ignored. Defensive. Just a whole bunch of nasty negatives . . . blah. blah. blah. I don't like the person I've been. I've been bothered by things others have said months ago, and can't seem to get past it. My defenses are up - the mortar on my brick wall has long dried, and I have no desire to take it down. I've got 0% creative ideas these days, I'm bummed that enrollment for my classes hasn't totally taken off, and the thought of even going away for a few days has me anxiety ridden at the thought of spending too much of the money our family needs to survive right now. I don't feel


Greetings, friends! While I know I promised you lots of stories and some great photos of my adventures (or lack there of) the past few weeks, I wonder if you would allow me the opportunity to do a little marketing for some art classes I am teaching at my local park district this summer. Remember . . . that ART thing that I so love doing? Well, way back when (in January, I think), I was given a great opportunity to develop some art classes for the New Lenox Park District. The classes will be held this summer . . . there are 5 of them all total . . . and as of today . . . gulp . . . WE ARE IN NEED OF STUDENTS!!! So, I thought I would tell you a little bit about the classes in the hopes that some of my local friends and family might be inspired to step up and take a class with me! Here I will share the class description, taken directly from the park districts catalog, and then provide a photo or a little more info about the class for you. Please keep in mind . . . you do NOT have to

Hi . . . My name is Leanne . . .

. . . and I used to blog. A lot. Then I caught a cold. And I had to go to the doctor. They took an x-ray. Turns out, I had pneumonia. Bad pneumonia. (As if there is a "good" pneumonia.) I had to cancel a visitor who I had invited to my home months ago. This made me sad. :( Extremely sad. But, still, I had that pneumonia. So I had to take antibiotics, breathing treatments, cough medicine, and an inhaler .  . . for a long time. I was told to rest. So, I did just that. Then . . . my back went out on me. I went to the doctor. Again. He said it was because of the type/strength/length of antibiotics I was on for the pneumonia. My pneumonia went away. But my back was messed up. So, I stopped the antibiotics. And a couple days later, my back felt better. But then, like clock work, my allergies kicked in. Tree pollen is bad. For me. I went to the doctor. Yes . . . again. He said I was a mess. I told him I was a hot mess.