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Open a New Window

I've been working really hard this week. Still doing a bit of that work project for my old employer, and then coming home and working on my art for the upcoming art fair I've been talking about. I'm up to my elbows in mod-podge, paints, prints, jewelry and absolutely everything else that I can get my hands on this week. All of this has me living some late late nights, followed by really early mornings, and I'm just exhausted. It'll be over soon . . . I know. I feel like I'm rehearsing for a play. I used to be in theater (can't remember if you knew that or not.) I've probably been in about 30 plays in my life . . . most during my college years, but a number of them during high school. It's kind of funny that I am working for an art fair that will be held in the high school I attended. And I find myself with that same excited and exhausted feeling that I felt so many years ago at this school, when I performed in Chicago, Annie, Bye Bye Birdie an

Introducing . . . the Best Meal you'll EVER eat!

You know when you have one of those meals that just leaves you all warm and fuzzy inside . . . . as if it could be your absolute last meal on this earth? Except you pray it isn't, because you have a whole container of leftovers in your frig that you can't wait to get your hands on. That's how I feel about Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole. Today I told Phil that I think I can eat this dish every single day, and never get tired of it. He agreed. And that, my friends, is a compliment I take very seriously. WE LOVE this dish. And today . . . I am going to tell you all about it. Because this dish is not like your usual Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole. No, not at all. This dish . . . is so much more. It's like . . . coming home. Like . . . a good book, a great glass of wine, that perfect hair-cut, and that first kiss. It's like the first snow fall, and the sound of wood crackling in the fireplace. It's like brown paper packages tied up with string. And YES,

One Moment

I had a moment yesterday . . . one moment . . . a moment of a big sigh . . . followed by complete and total pride . . . followed by complete and total sadness . . . ending with a big smile. Sounds more like a few moments, doesn't it? I picked up my newest order of Annalee greeting cards from the printer, and that's when the moment hit me. The order contained some of the previously designed "Friendship" and "Birthday" cards, but also included a new batch of "Thank You" cards, along with new bio sheets about me and my art. I sat there looking at the freshly printed cards, and that's when it all hit me. A million and one emotions. I'm so proud of these cards. So proud of this little Annalee character who is all me, and yet someone completely more confident and brave and stronger than I could ever be. I am so proud that I have actually DONE it. I have actually taken this idea for this confident woman, and turned her into greeting c

The Days of my Lives

I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since I've blogged. This has to be my very longest absence . . . and one that I am not happy about. Oh, how I miss my blog. But oh, how crazy busy life has been. My blog post title kind of sums it up . . . the Days of my LIVES. And yes, I meant LIVES . . . because lately, depending on what time it is when you find me, I can be living one of five different lives. There is my life as a Mom taking care of my girls, as a wife supporting a husband and his busy work schedule, as head room mom trying to plan for the 4th grade school year, life as an employee pulling thousands of files for a project, and life as an artist . . . creating and filling my soul with inspiration and joy. That last life makes all the rest even better, you know? I am still working that "short-term" project for my previous employer. I finished the first projected they asked me to work, and was immediately approached for another, more intense one. I ac

The Truth is . . . It's Better than O.K.

I found myself on my favorite road again today . . . the trees are so full, yet I know they soon will be turning colors and falling asleep for the season. I've had a wonderful summer, my friends. Absolutely amazing. From trips to Wisconsin and New York, meeting blog friends, visiting museums, seeing movies on the big screen like Singin' in the Rain and Brave , to riding sky lifts and going to Cubs game, it's been one heck of an adventurous summer. And driving down  my road today, I felt this wonderful sense of calmness come over me. I took a deep breath, and exhaled . . . and it felt so good. Where I am right now . . . it's good. Life is Good. Really. All of this reminded me of my "Keeping It Real" posts. It's been a while, don't you think? Ok . . . let's do it again, shall we? Here are just a few of the "Keeping It Real" thoughts that came into mind as I traveled down my favorite road today . . . The truth is . . . I may never