Any Day Now . . .

Any day now . . .
Any day now . . . we will see you in all your glory, and the memory of past Springs will become our reality once again. 

Any day now . . . I will walk passed you and be reminded of that scene in "Willie Wonka" . . .

Gene Wilder as "Willie Wonka" image obtained
from Google Image Search. Original site unknown.
. . . when Gene Wilder drinks something (that I like to imagine is the sweetest, butteriest, most amazing thing) from a buttercup, and I'll wish just once I could do the same with you.

Any day now . . . I will turn the corner of our block and find you waiting for me with your petals wide open, as if wanting to give me a Spring hug, and your scent will make me feel as if the heavens have opened up and sprinkled sweet smells over us all.

Any day now . . . can't come soon enough.


  1. They look so furry! I had no idea their outsides were like that!

  2. My favorite photo is the last one...the pastel blue sky in the perfect backdrop to add to their splendor. Beautiful sentiment written here my friend...

  3. That's beautiful. Thanks Leanne for sharing. I wish I had taken the time to notice the flowers right before they bloomed here. I think it went from frost on the ground - to the next morning flowers!

  4. I love how you captured the flowers before they beautiful. I am sooo ready for flowers blooming and green grass and the glorious, sweet smells!

  5. Your photograhy skills are amazing and I absolutely love the first picture!

  6. Such potential in those buds!!! Wonderful shots, Leanne!


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